History of DGRNE

In terms of the current DGRNE's remit, which was originally under the Directorate of Physical Planning (DPF) of the then ministry of Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Environment. This same institution included the services of Geology, Hydrology, Cartography, Cadastre and Environment.

Over the years, the DPF became the Directorate for Spatial Planning and the Environment (DOTMA), which separated the Geology, Hydrology and Energy services from the Directorate for Industry and Energy. The latter, in turn with the passing of time, also dissociated the Geology, Hydrology and Energy services, thus creating, in the 1990s, the Directorate of Natural Resources (DRN) which in its lifetime had two General Directors, the first, engineer Izaque Cravid Bragança Gomes, which was composed of two Departments, being the Technical Department, headed by the then engineer Eugénio Vaz do Nascimento and the Administrative Department, headed by Mr. Manuel Tavares Fernandes.

In 2009, the DRN became a General Directorate of Natural Resources and Energy (DGRNE), made up of 3 Technical Directorates: Energy Directorate; Water Directorate and Geology and Mines Directorate. (See DR 86 - 2 December 2009, Article 3(f) and the tasks defined in Article 10). 

The DGRNE was initially headed by the Hydraulic Engineer Lígia Barros (2009 - 2014) and was replaced by the Geoténico and Geoambiente engineer Gilmar Ramos (2014 - 2018) and since 2018 has the Geologist engineer José Basto de Sacramentos as its current General Director. 

Initially only one Director was appointed to the Technical Directorates, who was for the Energy Directorate occupied by engineer Isaque Cravid, who leaves office in 2014, replaced by engineer Belizardo Neto. During the same period, Edchilson Cravid, a Geological Engineer, was appointed Director of Geology and Mines and Chicher Diogo, a Hydraulic Engineer, was appointed Director of Water. Due to the fact that the engineer Belizardo Neto became the Energy Project Coordinator, in 2018 the Electrical engineer Gabriel Maquengo was appointed as Energy Director.

Currently the DGRNE has a staff of 16 officials including a General Director and 3 Technical Directors and 7 trainees who have given their support in the pursuit of the respective technical directorates.
It is worth noting that the current Minister for Public Works, Infrastructure and the Environment, who heads the DGRNE, has been the effective framework of this institution.